Friday, May 18, 2012

Reality & Track

Reality is ... I have been running.  But, I've also been working non stop and just trying to figure out this whole balance thing.  It's tough being a wife, runner, and full time employee - right!?

Reality is ... I owe you several race reports.  I want to write them, too because I enjoyed so very much reading my race reports before I ran these races.  It's really nice to be able to look at your training cycle from a previous race and learn from your recaps.

So, here's to catching up!  I'm on the right track.  For the past 5 months, I've been using only my ipad for internet reading - which, has been more than okay.  I love my ipad, but it's a little hard to type long sentences on.

On April 28th, I ran another half marathon: The Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon in Louisville, KY.  I did well for how I've been training and ran a 1:37:52.  More on that later.

More importantly, I've been training for the San Diego Half Marathon on June 3rd.  I'm hoping to be closer to the 1:35 mark - so, we shall see.

I hadn't really been doing a lot of speedwork since my move to Louisville.  The group of girls that I've been running with have been a little faster, forcing my workouts and easier runs to be well ... faster.  But, other than that, no track :(  We all know that my favorite workouts have always been on the track.  It's so just unbelievably difficult to go to the track by yourself..

Well, I've been successful lately.  Before the Derby half, I went to the track twice with my friend Kelly.  We did fun workouts - 12 x 400m one time and 300m with 1.5 mile tempos in between the other time.

The last two weeks I went to the track with my friend, Melissa.  We snuck into a local high school track at 5AM.  Two weeks ago, we ran the 400m workout again and I averaged 1:28.  I was so freakin' excited!

Then, this past Tuesday, we ran a super long track workout: 800m 1600m 2400m 1600m 800m.  In short, the pace was supposed to be same for all splits: 6:50 pace and the rest in between wsas half of the time you ran.

My splits:

800m: 3:24 (right on pace - felt good)
1600m: 6:44
2400m: 10:08 --> Actually felt good.  The goal was 10:15, so I knew I'd be able to finish the rest of the workout strong.
1600m: 6:31
800m: 3:08

I'll post some pics soon! :)  Leave me some comments and welcome me back :)



  1. hey girlie!!! welcome back....soooo excited that you are running RnR SD too!! are you doing the full or half?
    I hope you've been having a great week!

  2. I have a nutty work schedule this week, so I won't be in SD until about noon on Saturday, then I'm planning on going straight to the expo...what day/time will you be at the expo?! I hope we get to bump into each other and say hi! :)
    here's my email:

    I hope you're feeling good/ready to race fast! xoxo!

  3. Welcome back! Yes, I agree that it's hard to balance it all. I think we all understand. :) I'm excited to hear about upcoming races! Yay!