Thursday, March 29, 2012

Races Races Races

I have been such the blogging slacker. I've been keeping up with all of my favorite reads, but haven't been commenting or posting myself. The worst part about it all - I need to write 3 race recaps!!

So, be on the look out very shortly for three race recaps:

Clearwater Half Marathon: 1:42:07

Gasparilla Half Marathon: 1:38:43

Rodes 10K: 43:57



  1. It's always good to hear for you! Can't wait for the reports!

  2. Wow! That 10K is impressive. As is the consistency and improvement in the other two. You should be aiming for a new half marathon standard. I mean like a couple minutes or more faster than your PR; no?

  3. Congrats on your races, you are so speedy!!