Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The most FUN workout, ever!

First and foremost, I will have a race report up soon ... I promise!

So, this week has been kind of strange. I raced (my little heart out) a half marathon on Sunday, ran 5 easy miles (9:07 average pace) on Monday and then went to the track last night. I'm taking today off and racing (or trying to) a 10K tomorrow.

Because a lot of people raced on Sunday and are racing on Thursday, our coach made last night's workout easy and fun!

There weren't any time goals - we were just to run at 85%.

400, 300, 300, 200, 200, 200, 200

No breaks ... just walk to the start of the 300 after the 400 and then walk across the field to the start of the 200 after the 300's.

I wore my watch anyway and was quite surprise by our times:

400 - 83
300 - 61
300 - 58
200 - 35
200 - 35
200 - 35
200 - 35

FUN! It was so over so fast! Running fast is soooo much fun! :)

My legs are feeling okay. I'm definitely not 100%, though. My hamstrings are pretty tight and the tops of my feet hurt pretty badly when I lace up my shoes. Because of this, I'm having to tie them differently and wear my shoes a little looser. Otherwise, I think I'm recovering well. I guess if I were 100%, I'd be concerned that I didn't race hard enough.

The best part about half marathons is that you can literally run the next day. Oh, I'm in love! :)


  1. that definitely one of best things about half marathons is the short recovery time.

    great job on that workout. i can totally tell how jazzed you are about running!

  2. Nice workout Jaime & I hope you do well in your 10k tomorrow. I can't wait to read your race report from the Women's Half Marathon. I was there too but I was in the 5k and had my best performance ever. A 7th place finish and 2nd overall male + a PR!! I'm soooo glad your running is going so OSOM right now!!! I'm still trying to find out what has been your secret to take things to this whole new level lately. Maybe not finishing Apalachacola was the best thing to ever happen to you. Atleast its looking that way right now! Happy running!! :-]